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BioFrost Geo

BioFROST® GEO is a ready-to-use, biobased, USP Grade propylene glycol (PG) heat transfer fluid formulated to safely provide optimum heat transfer, freeze protection and corrosion protection for geothermal heat pump systems. GEO is a clear 20% PG / inhibitor blend with an optional dye for leak detection. GEO is intended to be used only at full strength. If a lower freeze point is desired, we recommend using BioFROST® Concentrate and diluting to desired freeze point.

Designed for geothermal and environmentally sensitive antifreeze / coolant / heat transfer applications BioFROST® GEO can be used in:

  • Geothermal Systems
  • Non-engine Closed Loop Systems
  • Hydrostatic/Pressure Testing
  • Floor Heating Systems



BioFROST® GEO meets the requirements of ASTM D1384, a corrosion standard commonly used to determine the ability of the fluid to provide corrosion inhibition in heated applications. Our quality corrosion package, provides outstanding long term corrosion protection of steel, copper, brass, solder, cast aluminum, and cast iron. GEO lubricates pumps and valves, provides scaling resistance, is compatible with most gaskets, seals, elastomers and other non-metallic pump and system parts. Additionally, to make compatibity a non-issue, we have engineered this product to equal the heat transfer, antifreeze, and corrosion inhibition performance characteristics of the most common ready-to-use 20% PG fluid available.


Eliminate your fire hazards and toxic fluids by upgrading your system to BioFROST® GEO. GEO is the leader inquality, safety and environmental concerns. GEO is NSF listed (HT1), for use where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. BioFROST® GEO is formulated from USP Grade biobased PG which is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. GEO is not a petroleum derived product, it utilizes propylene glycol made from patented renewable processes which converts biobased glycerin into PG. Simply put, if you insist on a safe PG fluid, the BioFROST® family is the safest and most environmentally friendly.

  • NSF registered HT1 (incidental food contact)
  • Biobased
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Designed for Environmentally Sensitive Applications



BioFROST® Geo is a PG based product, DO NOT use testers designed for EG or glycerin. Freeze point range can quickly be determined by a PG refractometer (PG refractometer pictured right).



Compatible with and drop-in replacement for other PG fluids such as DowFROST™ Geo. Although no negative effects are expected, mixing antifreeze/coolants is not recommended due to varying freeze point depressants and corrosion inhibitor technologies which leads to difficulties determining actual freeze point protection and corrosion inhibition properties. 

The chart below is supplied as a guide for diagnostic / maintenance purposes. The values are calculated values and are only approximations. These are not standards. Custom blends are available.

Note: This is a ready-to-use formulation and designed to be used without diluting. Diluting this product with water may be subject to bacterial contamination.


*Addition of TRAMFLOC® 1142 FOAM CONTROL AGENT may be beneficial for some applications. TRAMFLOC® 1142 FOAM CONTROL AGENT is a nonionic, nonsilicone, food grade defoamer. TRAMFLOC® 1142 FOAM CONTROL AGENT performs well in a wide range of pH and temperatures. All ingredients used in the manufacture of TRAMFLOC® 1142 FOAM CONTROL AGENT are either GRAS or listed in the Code of Federal Regulations: Title 21, Section 173.340. Recommended use at 1 oz/ 10 - 20 gallons of system fluid.


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