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BioTherm Fluids® RV Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid

Glycerin Antifreeze / Heat Transfer Fluid
HT1 Registered for incidental food contact applications

BioTHERM Fluids® RV antifreeze is a pre-mixed, biobased, non-toxic product formulated for burst protection of potable and non-potable water system (heated or ambient) plumbing exposed to freezing conditions in:

  • RV Toilet & Water System Winterizer
  • Boats
  • Fountain/Water Line Winterizer
  • Seasonal Homes / Hunting Cabins
  • Pressure Testing
  • Swimming PoolsFiltration / Heating Systems
  • Closed Loop Thermal Systems

BioTHERM Fluids® RV Antifreeze contains a multi-meltal GRAS inhibitor to help prevent corrosion of water system components such as copper, solder, brass, steel cast iron and cast aluminum and, when used as directed, provides burst protection down to -50°F.

Derived from agricultural materials or bio-based processes, this environmentally friendly product is engineered to provide excellent freeze and burst protection with the following advantages:

  • Biobased
  • NSF Registered (HT1)
  • Meets ASTM D1384
  • Lower BOD/COD
  • No Glycols
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Designed for Environmentally Sensitive Applications


NSF logoNSF Registered

This product is acceptable for use as a heat transfer fluid where there is possibility of incidental food contact (HT1).


Environmentally Friendly

BioTHERM RV is non-toxic, non-corrosive and is fully biodegradable, offering a lower BOD/COD than glycol.

BioTHERM RV is "readily biodegradable" meaning that there is unequivocal evidence that BioTHERM RV is rapidly mineralized to inorganic components and biomass. BioTHERM RV also meets the definitions of "inherently biodegradable" and "ultimately biodegradable" meaning that there is a reasonable expectation that they will eventually be completely mineralized in aerobic environments.



BioTHERM RV is formulated from complex carbohydrates derived from renewable resources and/or process side streams that facilitate cost-effective and not subject to the market swings of glycols or petroleum related products.

Note: BioTHERM Fluids® RV Antifreeze is designed as a ready-to-use. It may be diluted, however, it will raise the freeze point and burst protection as well as weaken the corrosion inhibitor package. Diluting this product more than 15% with water may be subject to bacterial contamination.

CAUTION: BioTHERM Fluids® RV is not designed for use in the cooling system of operating internal combustion engines. For engine related applications, please see IceClear HD.

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BioTherm Fluids RV Antifreeze

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US Patents
One or more claims of US Patent No. 6,890,451 and 7,270,768.

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