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DEMA has been a leading supplier of chemical dispensing equipment for over 50 years. The DEMA products are used to safely and accurately blend chemicals and water for a variety of applications, including housekeeping, food service, food processing, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and more.

Proportioners & Dispensers

Proportioning Equipment For Liquids

DEMA 162 proportioner
Drum Mounted Proportioner
The DEMA 162-3 drum mount proportioner accurately mixes liquid concentrate with water and automatically delivers the diluted solution in measured ratios. Metering tips that are preset to a particular proportion ratio are available.
The DEMA 162-3 delivers up to 5-1/2 gallons per minute of diluted product at 40 psi. It conserves concentrate, cuts handling, and saves time by dispensing a ready-to-use solution directly from the original drum to a container.
The DEMA 162-3 is easy to use. The built-in adapter mounts in any standard 2” bung, and is attached to water outlet by means of a standard garden hose that connects to the unit’s strainer-equipped inlet swivel.
DEMA 162-3 - $79.95

DEMA 162 HDM2 proportioner
High Flow Drum Mounted Proportioner
Model 162HDM-2 high flow drum mount proportioner mounts directly to a 2/12" bung openeing on a drum or tote and dispenses at 10 gallons per minute (40 liters per minute).
  • 10 gpm flow rate at 40 psi
  • Draws up to 12 ounces per gallon chemical solution
  • Discharge hose can be up to 25 feet (8 meters) long
  • Metering tips determine dilution ratio
DEMA 62HDM2 High Flow - $94.95



DEMA 633 proportioner
633 Mix and Match Blend Center
The DEMA Blend Center with its modular design lets you easily couple together any number of stations (4 shown) to create a system that meets your specific needs, eliminating the need for excessive, costly inventory.
Now you can have a completely customized system that precisely blends liquid detergents or other chemicals with water at just the push of a button. These high quality molded plastic modules work in tandem with DEMA's new Action Gap backflow preventer. The Action Gap has met the American Society of Sanitary Engineering's (ASSE) 1055B standards for backflow prevention, and IAPMO Research and Testing, Inc.'s requirements for classification in the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC). The Action Gap is virtually immune to hardwater conditions and successfully prevents mineral buildup. It also boasts design features that greatly reduce foaming generated while filling spray bottles.
Blend center proportioners dispense precise amounts of liquids into open containers or bottles from a decentralized work station. The push buttons can be locked in place to easily fill large containers.
Blend ratios and the proportion of chemical to water are set by interchangeable, color-coded, threaded metering tips. All valves and proportioners are easily accessible for servicing and blend adjustment.
DEMA 633 - $84.95
Flow Rate
1 gallon per minute
4 gallon per minute



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