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rf-11 runway deicerIceClear RDF

Runway Deicing Fluid


IceClear RDF is a potassium acetate based runway deicer that meets all FAA requirements of the SAE AMS 1435 B specification for runway de-icing fluids. RDF represents a significant improvement on potassium acetate deicing fluids designed for airport runway applications. The unique features and benefits of IceClear RDF make it an ideal alternative to conventional potassium acetate fluids for applications requiring a high-performance, environmentally-friendly and low-corrosion deicing fluid.

IceClear RDF is a patented technology which meets all FAA requirements of the SAE AMS 1435B specification for runway deicing fluids and is manufactured in a quality-controlled environment to ensure that product features and performance characteristics are consistently of the highest quality.


Improved Corrosion InhibitionRDF corrosion table

A unique multi-metal corrosion inhibitor package developed especially for use in potassium acetate (KAc) based fluids provides exceptional corrosion protection on all common aircraft metals, including magnesium and cadmium. Improved cadmium corrosion protection is of recent interest for KAc based products (See Chart 1 right- Because of cadmium concerns, Boeing has issued advisories concerning 737 operations in which they specify that planes exposed to potassium acetate are to be taken off-line and washed. The chart shows RDF is the leader in corrosion protection on Cadmium). In addition, the IceClear RDF fluid also provides improved corrosion protection on other important metals not addressed by the AMS 1435B specification. Laboratory tests indicate that IceClear RDF can substantially reduce corrosion of galvanized steel and copper. Compatibility with these metals is critical for airport runway operations, as the in-ground lighting fixtures used by most major airports are constructed from galvanized steel, and copper wiring is used in electrical connections.

Improved Wetting and Spreading

An added benefit of the IceClear RDF additive package is that the wetting characteristics of the potassium acetate base fluid are significantly enhanced, providing improved spreading and coverage. Additionally, these properties enhance the fluid film adhesion characteristics such that the fluid sticks to the surface and lasts longer between applications.

Rapid Drying Time

IceClear RDF exhibits rapid drying characteristics after application, making treated runways available for use in less time. Runway availability is obviously an important issue at high traffic airports.

Environmentally Friendly

IceClear RDF is non-toxic and non-hazardous to plant and animal life; in the environment, it biodegrades readily and completely to carbon dioxide and water. It has a very low Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and contains no phosphates or urea that tend to promote eutrophication of natural waterways that may subsequently lead to fish-kills.

High Performance

RDF Ice Melting ChartIn ice melting tests conducted according to the SHRP H-205.2 method, the performance of IceClear RDF potassium acetate fluid is significantly better than propylene glycol/urea (PGU) fluids used for runway deicing (See Chart 2).

IceClear RDF is supplied in a highly concentrated ready-to-use liquid form, making its application by spray trucks convenient and easy. Suggested rates of application are as follows:

The most efficient use of IceClear RDF is pre-treatment application prior to the start of an icing event at the rate of 0.5 gallons per 1000 ft2.

IceClear RDF is an effective deicer when allowed to penetrate to the pavement surface to break the bond of ice and snow. While the amount of fluid required depends on outside temperature as well as the thickness of the ice film an application of 1.0 gallon per 1000 ft2 is recommended for thin ice and 3.0 gallons per 1000 ft2 for ice up to an inch thick.


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Available in bulk truck load only. Please call 888-282-0795 for bulk pricing/availability. If smaller quantities are required, please see RF-11.


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